How is atp resynthesis

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Matthews (1971) The result of muscle contraction produces ADP which when coupled with CP regenerates ATP.

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Creatine (Cr) is an amino acid derivative naturally found in human skeletal muscle, heart, brain, testes, retina and other organs.

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EnergySystems - The Three Metabolic Energy Systems

There is a relationship between exercise intensity and the energy source.

Meter Sprinting Vs A Marathon Comparing Metabolic Demands.
Meter Sprinting Vs A Marathon Comparing Metabolic Demands.

We usually talk of energy in general terms, as in “I don’t have a lot of energy today” or “You can feel the energy in the room.” But what really is energy? The change in energy can come in many forms, including mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, chemical, electrical or nuclear. The lhts in your home, a microwave, a telephone, the sun; all transmit energy.Bioenergetic systems - pedia

How is atp resynthesis:

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